About The Franceska Tree

Me during chemotherapy     

My name is Franceska McCullough and The Franceska Tree is my art shop where I sell a selection of nature and family inspired artwork from my art studio in Hertfordshire on the 2nd day of every month. 

Like many people in the world, the pandemic hit me hard. My freelance teaching dried up during lockdown, I overworked in 2020 trying to survive by teaching online and in  March 2021, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer which I conquered by November 2021. I had two weeks of being cancer free and then my younger brother died unexpectedly at the age of 42 after he ran the Philadelphia marathon in honour of cancer and my own battle with the disease.

In June 2022, my dad decided it was his time to go too, though he had the luxury of living a long life. I'm grateful to have such loving souls in my life as my younger brother and my dad and think of them and miss them everyday.

I'm heartbroken, still healing from chemo and surgery and trying to rekindle my freelance art practice. Printmaking and being in nature are my salves to my soul right now. My focus in my artwork is family, love, hope and the beauty of nature, especially trees. 

I hope you'll follow my art studio on Instagram so you can see the development of the next month of artwork and the landscape that inspires it.

A portion of my earnings will be donated towards a scholarship fund which we have set up in my brothers name in an effort to help other young pianists afford to study. Please follow this link to learn more about the Tim Rufus McCullough Scholarship Fund. 

Thank you for visiting my little shop and I do hope to see you again soon. 

peace & love,


P.S. Here is my email address for anyone interested in contacting me: thefranceskatree@gmail.com