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Finding A New Direction - Hand Painted

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This is the hand painted colourful version of my "Finding A New Direction" print series. There are 8 versions of this print available. 

This is a collection that I've been experimenting with in my studio all about finding my way in the world following tragedy. I think it probably can be applied to anyone really who finds themselves standing at a crossroad and wondering which path to take. 

I've printed them on lovely handmade Khadi papers which are all size A4. 

*Important to note:  the hand painted prints vary as a little from the current image due to the nature of individualism in hand painting prints. 

If you're curious to know where this image is in the world then I suggest you travel the public paths between the village of Flamstead and Trowley Bottom in Hertfordshire. Pick a blustery day and you'll have this view in the middle of your journey!