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Unreliable Postal Service, Dry Socket & Preparing For Upcoming Printmaking Festival

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It's been a month exactly since I had a wisdom tooth extracted and a little less than a month of the slow recovery from what developed into a dry socket. The pain from dry socket and the lack of blood clot in my extraction site felt similar to the pain following a single mastectomy, except on my face. I'm glad to finally be on the other side of the pain and at last getting on with other things which all went on hold following that disastrous extraction. 

Accidentally this extraction wonderland coincided with my decision to eliminate cane sugar from my diet (unrelated to tooth extraction) because I think I'd be better off without my sugar addiction. So far I'm nearly a month free of sugar and though I do miss chocolate and other treats, I feel liberated to be nearly free of the need for sugar. I hope that in my future, I'll be able to enjoy treats on rare occasions, like birthdays or holidays. My hope is to make it difficult for cancer to return too as I don't feel I could put my body through another slog of chemo and surgery. Onwards and upwards!

As I've had lots of time to think while going through the dry socket saga, I've come to the conclusion that the UK postal service isn't reliable enough due to their relentless strike action and while it's logical to then try to use courier services instead to ship my handmade prints to customers, it also means I pay more to ship. So I've decided that my shop here will sell my artwork only as print-on-demand products since they have their own courier services and aren't restricted by the useless UK postal service. 

Any handmade prints I make will be sold in person at the various craft/print fairs I attend in my local area. I'm in the process of updating my shop here, so you'll still see more changes as the week progresses. I'm thinking of adding a gallery of my handmade prints which can still be viewed but not sold online. I plan to still continue to add new handmade prints on the 22nd of the month so you can keep up to date with my latest work. 

In the meantime, I'm spending every day and most nights in studio preparing for my upcoming participation in the, "Paper, Ink, Print Festival" which takes place at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington on the 17th, 18th & 19th of March. 

Here's a glimpse of one of my new prints I'll be selling at the festival: 

I also have a few other upcoming opportunities which I'll share in my next blog post so please subscribe to stay updated if you're interested in my creative processes. 

Make sure to look through my print-on-demand items here on my shop from the 2nd of the month for new products with new prints. 

Thank you for visiting my shop and taking the time to read my blog post for March. 

Peace & love to all,



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