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Grief | Craft Fairs | Meditation

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Issue No. 2                         the Franceska Tree                2 February, 2023
Grief | Craft Fairs | Meditation
I've been fortunate to have been included in the Paper Ink Print Festival at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington for the 17th, 18th & 19th of March this year. I wanted to turn the 17th of March into a positive day rather than a reminder of a cancer diagnosis from 2021.
I'll be exhibiting, selling and offering a demonstration that weekend and featuring my printmaking, illustration and my paper miniatures. If you're local to the London area, then I hope you'll consider coming to visit me and perhaps join in with my demonstration on Saturday the 18th of March. I'm looking forward to March for this event and others and excited to meet other printmakers. It looks to be a fun month!
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Meditation in nature has been a salve to my soul these last few tumultuous years. I hope you enjoy my photo of a hidden horse in the woodland around my home from our snowy week here in Hertfordshire. Currently the woods around my home are quite muddy and difficult to walk in.
I rather hope for more frozen weather so I can enjoy slip into the wonderful healing winter solitude that comes with ice and snow. The tangled bare branches against a stark bruised sky is such an inspiration for printmaking and drawing!
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Are you looking for an art teacher?
I've been teaching drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, miniatures, mentoring and art lecturing for a little over 22 years now.
If you had a bad art teacher in the past who was unkind to you or if you are a beginner and have always wanted to learn or if you have skills that need sharpening or if you have kids who want to learn......then just get in touch.
My fees:
£35 in person (pp/ph)
£25 via Zoom (pp/ph)
Discounts available when booking more than 4 classes.
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Volunteering After Cancer
Since becoming a new triple negative breast cancer survivor and after facing the unexpected death of my brother and then my dad, I'm finding that I'm fully immersed into an intense spiritual awakening. Its as if for my entire life, up until being diagnosed with cancer, I was asleep and now.....I've suddenly become conscious!
It is quite possibly the most amazing experience and I'm learning so much about myself, those around me and this universe. Because of this, I feel compelled to give my time to help others because I feel a deep love for all life and I feel that volunteering my time to help others will continue to help me understand what it is to be alive! So I've begun to volunteer near my cancer hospital to start with and finding others just like me! It's wonderful!
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I've added my new linocut print to my shop, The Franceska Tree, on the 22nd of January. I have a limited selection of hand painted prints available so if you're interested in purchasing one for yourself or a loved one, then please remember that each print may be slightly different but unique.

New prints are added every 22nd of the month.

Every 2nd of the month, new print-on-demand work will be added.


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