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Posted by Franceska McCullough on

So I'm adding this blog to my website, mostly to explain myself and why I am trying to sell my artwork and also the significance of dates when I sell products and to have a place where I can write about my ongoing studio practice. 

I chose the 2nd and 22nd of the month because the 22nd of November 2021 is the date I learned that my brother had died. 22 is also his numerology life path number. It's also a number I see randomly when glancing at the clock or out in the world and I feel like it's my brother's way of saying hello. 

My life path number is 11 which has meaning too as I feel halved now that my brother is no longer in the physical world. Whenever we were together, I always felt whole again. It's such a strange thing and rather difficult to explain.

I'm not a salesperson, which may be hugely obvious. I'm a fine artist and for this new year, I want to spend more time with my art practice because that's where I can find healing. 

So I'm going to offer up one blog post a month - at 11am (UK time) on the 2nd day of each month. (Now you understand the number significances here). 

I'm also going to reduce the content of my print on demand products to only reflect the products that I use in my own home. I'm going to share later in the month some personal photos of myself with my products so you can see that I too enjoy my artwork on various everyday items. I'll add new print on demand products to my shop every 2nd of the month at 2pm. 

On the 22nd of each month at 11am, you'll see a limited selection of various artworks which I'll sell from my home studio. 

I am exhibiting my artwork later in the year at a location in London which I'll share when we get closer to the time. So perhaps if you're in the UK and want to buy from me in person or just come to have a chat, then this is something I'd love! 

Lastly, before I end this disjointed missive, I would like to thank all of you who have been generous and purchased from my shop! Each purchase means the world to me and even if it's a print on demand product, I track your package right to your doorstep as I want everything to be alright for anyone who purchases from me. 

Please continue to check back with me for new monthly updates and if you've not done so already, perhaps consider subscribing to my newsletter where you can receive special discounts. 

Peace and love to all,




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